How to post an ad onto the MTN Hoods platform

  • To post an ad, go to the URL and enter your credentials  to login to your user account.
  • For new users, click Register New Account on the login screen to create your user account See Figure 1a below

Figure 1a: Login screen

1.3 Fill in all the details required for your new account on the register account screen and click Register” to complete the process. See Figure 1b below.


Figure 1b: Register Account screen

1.4 Existing users with user accounts can click Go To Login Page on the Register Account screen to login to their accounts, using their username and password.


1.5 After login, to create an AD, click on the ADS menu item on the left side menu. This will display options for you to create an Ad, view your approved Ads, pending Ads and rejected Ads as well as your Ads calendar. See Figure 1c below.

Figure 1c: Ads menu item

1.6 Click on the Create Ad menu option to display the form for Ad creation. You are then required to provide all the required details for your Ad. See Figure 1d below.


Figure 1d: Create Ads screen

1.7 Click on the “Submit button below to submit your Ad for approval. See Figure 1e below.

Figure 1e: Create Ads screen

1.8 Your ad will be pending approval following your submission. You will be notified when your ad is approved via notifications and on your dashboard.

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